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Signal and Data Management System

The architecture has the unique capability to acquire and manage the biosignal data collected in real-time or stored in the AlphaDBS implantable pulse generator.
The integration with our high-level software applications enable the future development of new closed-loop algorithms.

Realtime Data Stream

Analyzing real-time biosignals from the brain is essential and valuable in clinical practice and research of new biomarkers. 
Our open-source application provides our research partners with a wide range of options, from simple signal viewing to implementing complex closed-loop algorithms.

Longitudinal Data Collection

A multiplatform app is provided to patients and physicians. 
The patient will upload their brain biosignal data collected during treatment and share it on the cloud.
The physician can view the patient's shared data in a fast and straightforward way.

Data Flow


A state of the art of Electronic Health Record System: 
It was developed using the latest HL7-FIR standards for extending compatibility and integration.  
The WebBioBank has been filled with more than 1.000 hours of recorded brain biosignals captured during the last ten years of research.

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